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    Jobs in India

    Hello everyone I am Indrajeet Kumar Shah, a Digital Marketing Trainer and Business Consultant. Here I am going to share you my views on Jobs in India. Today India have the largest number of unemployment around the globe and situation of indian jobs are very poor. There are many flaws that are happening in the job situation in india. Even the government job situations are very poor now a days. If you will give exam in 2021 it is 100% sure that you will get your result in 2024. Students are falling in the trap of some private institutios and they just want to earn some money from you. Inspite of being a successful in life you are getting trapped. According to me you need to choose the course and career as per market demand and should join government registered institutions. Just for an example "Digital Marketing". You can choose your career in Digital Marketing. This is one of the fastest growing industry around the world. Just now in 2021 in india there are more than 20lakh job openings for Digital Marketing expert. For getting a good job you need to be skillful and these private institutes doesnot give you that skill which will directly attract you for the job. Even after completion of course it is very hard to find good job i industry. But there is an Institute of Digital Marketing known " Oneisok Digital Learning" who gives 100% job guarantee with proper agreement or 100% money back policy so you can choose on to that. But before choosing any suitable career for you , go to google and search Digital Marketing career in india, Digital marketing expert basic salary. Job is the most important part of the life and for getting a good job you must be skillful and formal.