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    Life of a Pen

    Hello everyone. I am a pen. My life starts with you and ends with you. You take care for me till i perform. When i stop working either you change my feelings(INK) or throw me at dustbin. I belong to all your success stories i am with you whenever your mind speakes but when i die you throw me. Some time you keep me not just because you love me but because someone who has gifted you me was the loved one. Yes this is my life, this is my value, this is my availability for you. I am with you when you are fighting with your question paper , I feel the pain whenever you left less time in exams but after all these tortures I smile and keep performing for you to be the most successful one. You throw me sometime because of your mistake. When i was being made on the company for the purpous of writting in the paper. But you use me even in tough surface life concrete wood etc. But after all these tortures I smile and keep performing for you. After all the thing what will i get? :) Yes I am a pen and I am with you till you write something I am with you. After Digitalization I am decreasing day by day but still I am with you, Will always support you and will always run for you. I am pen and this is my life.