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    Real life vs Reel life

    In recent days the most unique topic which is flowing everywhere is "Real life vs Reel life". Real life is life at it lived in reality and reel life is imaginary life which is shown in TV shows, Movies. Today the youth is following the reel life like a mad. They are thinking that it will making him very differnet and somehow they are being distracted from real life. They are not experiencing the real pain and hard work of real life and blindly they are following reel life. Yes it is good to take motivation from reel life but the scenario of both the situations are totally different. Some time it is not possible to get the success quickly and for those silly things you are being distract from their path and falling into the trap. Reel life is the good part and movement of real life. Reel life itself take inspiration from real life but youth are doing opposite. They are taking inspiration and words from reel life. My real life experience says reel life is just for fun and entertainment and that should not be used bliendly in real life.